Why do men pay for sex?

The prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. Men are silent about their relations with paid women – or they trust only another men, a very good friends. Men are not as emotional and romantic as women. The main difference betwee men and women is that while in the world there are plenty women escorts, there are only few gigolos (really very little negligible number compared to women). Here are a few reasons why men are looking for busty escorts:

Why men pax for sex

1. Men are seeking the adventure.The paid sex is much more safier than romance in job. It is also funny experience.

2. Lack of sex. As sailors at sea – simple reason. Today we see this happens very often on business trips.

3. They can ask for things that they would never dare to ask their beloved wifes and girlfriends. Decent at home, the beasts outside.

4. “Too much testosterone” type of man thinks that the only one wife is not enough. This is like a partially tolerated polygamy.

5. Inexperienced virgin. They only want to break their curse or shyness. Or they can not gain a proper relationship with a woman.

6. Wealthy men who think that luxury night club is an obligation for men in their position. Some of them even make it for the business.

7. The beuty of the escorts. To be honest, these girls are often very beautiful, seductive and mysterious. A man may be ugly, or does not like his wife.

8. Men gets bored after years of marriage – or worse, he and his wife are like two strangers, bound without a reason.

9. Man feels less guilty after a hour with a prostitute than after a night with colleague from work.

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